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Novice of Naruto H5 12/12/2018

Each Ninja has 6 gears. Click the gears to enhance and advance them.


All Ninjas have their own ōgi. Upgrade ōgi to improve its power. Awaken ōgi to increase the skill attack of Ninjas.


Dungeons: Players can obtain abundant items in the Dungeons to improve Ninjas’ BR. Higher BR means that you can challenge more difficult dungeons and obtain more rewards!


Adventure: It includes Arena, Treasure Hunt, Sage Region, Konoha Defense and Discovery.


Tasks: Finish Daily Tasks to claim rewards. Complete Achievements to claim rewards in ACHV. Invite friends to play the game and claim rewards in Invite Gift.


Mall: Players can buy powerful Ninja here. In the Orange Ninja interface, players have a chance to obtain Orange quality Ninja!


Daily Single Top-up: During the event, single Top-up reach designated amount (total Top-up is not calculated) to claim corresponding tier items!


Rankings: You can check the most powerful Ninja in Rankings.



Ninja Shop: Ninja Shop will sell some rare Ninjas. Remember to refresh!


Bookmark Rewards: Save the game to your home screen via “Bookmark Rewards” and claim rewards (IOS devices need to open it in Safari, then tap “Bookmark Rewards”)


RCMD. Formation: Players can check the powerful Ninja Formations in the RCMD. Formation.